In 2020, Africa Water Wells was contacted by a Kenyan in nursing at the University of Michigan who was interested in a well in her village of Kapkures. Pastor John Bett knew her, since her family had lived in his area. Our guidelines were given to her: the site had to be located at a school and the community population had to be at least 3,000. Joylene began the process and when the AWW board was determining the 2021 drilling site we scheduled a zoom conference with Joylene. She happened to be in Kenya on a project for John Hopkins and Kapkures was our choice. Our driller, Christian Relief Fund, began the steps to drill. 

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          2021 WELLS


There were many conversations with Tenwek Hospital and their support group, Friends of Tenwek, about drilling a well for one of their clinics and sharing the cost. Finally, CRF was contacted and a deep well was completed at Nigiito. 

Africawaterwells.org originally existed to provide clean water through water wells but has added Providing Educational Material and Laptops to Schools, Skills Training for Women, Pastors' Conferences, Rain Catch Systems, and the Bucket Ministry.

It was learned that a committee from Tenwek, the famous missions hospital, provided training in soap making, some-thing we have wanted to offer. That class took place in Kapkures and we plan to include it in all well drillings.

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